We ship worldwide via land, air and sea

We'll get you the best international rates for any worldwide, in- bound or out- bound request via air or ocean.

We have three decades of experience in international shipping on 5 continents, we know what we're doing.

Dedicated Goodman Packing & Shipping account managers are with you from pick up to delivery

Goodman Packing & Shipping Handles the Paperwork

We fill out and prepare all customs, legal and insurance documents, ensuring your shipment will be processed through customs and administration as efficiently as possible so you meet your deadlines. We insure all our shipments with Lloyd’s of London.

No stupid mistakes.

Whether it is a parcel or a pallet, we've got the best rates on international shipment in any location

Goodman Packing & Shipping always gets great rates

Our global shipping network's high volume of traffic enables us to offer discounted pricing on Fedex, UPS, DHL and other International shipping carriers.

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